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I assume you landed here to find out a little more about the person behind those words you just read. Am I right?!

Well, here it goes.

I'm Niki.

I write.

I sketchnote.

I create YouTube videos.

I work a 9-5 as a UX Design Lead, currently based in Canada.

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All I ever wanted was to write.

I've been fascinated with letters, words, sentences, and stories since I remember. I learnt the alphabet before going to elementary school.

Soon, I moved on to writing my journals, probably as an escape from everything. It was my own little world where nothing bad could happen.

Then I dipped my toes into fiction writing. I have 7 (unpublished) books in Hungarian.

Then I moved on to blog writing. It was a little bit of fiction, a little bit of poetry.

It was a colourful version, a somewhat fictive version of my life.

I even received an award for it! I couldn't have been happier.

When life happened...

I stopped writing online end of 2010 to focus on learning English instead. So I kept up with journaling, though.

A few years later, I posted an article (in English) on my first burnout.

Despite my surprise, the article resonated with thousands of people. Of course, when so many read your writing, trolls came with it too. I got a couple of discouraging comments on the level of English I had at the time.

It made me stop writing.

I was a confident writer in Hungarian but not in English. After constant English learning and practicing for five years, I finally got back on track.

Now, in 2023, my goal is to write.

I'm more confident in my ability to express ideas and thoughts in English. Way more confident than I was a decade ago.

Of course, I still make mistakes. I'm not a native English speaker, after all.

But I try my best to show up and create a sustainable writing habit besides a full-time job, and that's what matters.

My full story about writing can be found here.

Thanks for your support.

I appreciate you!



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