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Ace your design interview

Whiteboard Design Challenge

As designers, we can have a killer portfolio showing our design process with detailed case studies, sketches, pictures of messy (then organized) post-it notes, wireframes, visual design including animations etc. However, it does not show how we think.

I believe designers are problem solvers (well, I definitely think about myself…

Choose the right career path for yourself.

UX design makes app and website interfaces useful, while UI design makes the same interfaces beautiful. Product design does both, making the interface useful as well as aesthetically pleasing.

What is the distinction between user experience design, user interface design, and product design?

UX designers are primarily concerned with the usability of products. They focus on how the product works. UI designers focus on…

Start your design project on the right foot

Have you ever worked on a large design project for a mobile app or website? If so, you know that it can take a long time to create all of the individual UI (user interface) components, design assets, graphic elements, branding & typography guidelines from scratch.

What if there was…

User experience design explained. In 2 min.

Have you ever had a frustrating experience online when you were trying to buy something in an app or on a website…and for some reason, the checkout process was super complicated, and it took so much time to figure out where to click? …

How to get hired

Unfortunately, so many companies fall into this trap that they only want to hire senior designers instead of junior designers.

Why do companies want senior UX designers

Even though there are many UX designer jobs when you look at job boards, but only a few, but only a few companies are prepared to hire junior designers, and…

Tips to get better at UI design

No designer becomes great working in a silo.

To develop our design skills, it’s essential that we develop an eye for great design.

You need to look at many examples to spot the ok, from the good and the great.

You need to identify why something works and why something…

Niki Tisza

Designer. YouTuber. Sketchnote artist. Writer. I write about UX UI product design, self-development, and productivity.👇

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